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Urban Waterfalls - Portland, ORIf your website is the first impression your customers have of your business, it is important to make sure that impression is the one you want to make.

When you work with VisionSite you have the advantage of our unique approach and our years of experience creating professional, intuitive, and interactive websites. We have proven approaches we utilize to guide your website project to successful completion.

As we develop the website, we will partner together with you by way of the following steps:

•  Stage 1 — Analysis and Planning
We will investigate, analyze, and plan aspects of the overall project, which will include the initial collection of all relevant materials – content, photos, etc.

•  Stage 2 — Website Graphic Design
In this stage, we focus on the graphic design for the website. We develop initial design concepts, including identifying which photography will be used (original photography is best), in order to create the website look and feel. We will set up a special demo location allowing you to view the progress on the website as it takes shape. This allows us to review the concepts and work with you, in order to get your feedback as a valued client, so we can revise and refine the initial concepts as necessary.

•  Stage 3 — Content and Development
Once the design is approved, we will convert the graphic design into a functioning website, with navigation and each of the website pages, incorporating all of the initial content and photos into the website.

•  Stage 4 — Review and Launch
Once the website is built, we will hold a final review and testing cycle, with input from both VisionSite and the client. We will then launch the new website at its live location.

•  Stage 5 — Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
VisionSite will complete additional basic search engine optimization (SEO) support activities immediately upon website launch.

•  Stage 6 — Ongoing Support and Availability
Once the website is built, VisionSite will continue to be available to help develop and build the website. After launch we will work collaboratively with you to determine an approach for additional feature development and support.

Once the website is launched, we will continue to work with you to maintain, promote, and update the website for years to come.   Contact us today to find out how we can help you develop a website that supports your business.

  • Mobile Websites
  • Secure Forms
  • Web Based Applications
  • Database Engineering
  • Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)


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